Acne Clinic

What is
Acne Clinic

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, acne is the most common skin condition in the United States. This chronic, sensitive condition can be difficult to treat and can cause self-consciousness. At NEOSkin Center, we offer a physician-directed, comprehensive Acne Clinic performed by NEOSkin Center’s managing esthetician, Heather Hallen. Our Acne Clinic is under the medical supervision of Dr. Tricia Bedrick, who stands out from other physicians in the area for her comprehensive, patient-centered care.

Come to NEOSkin Center’s
Acne Clinic for 90 Percent Clearer Skin in 90 Days!

At NEOSkin Center, our acne treatment is a regimen that that progressively challenges the skin to heal, clear, and behave normally. The medical staff evaluates each patient’s skin tolerability to the products and adjusts the speed at which stronger products can be introduced.

What Can I Expect?

This unique acne program is an at-home regimen but consists of multiple visits with our medical team:
  • Acne Consultation: This comprehensive evaluation allows us to assess your individual condition and determine the extent of treatment you may require. Acne is not a “one size fits all” condition, and finding the right treatment combination is key to restoring long-lasting skin health and beauty.
  • Maintenance Visit: This visit allows us to monitor the progress of your treatment plan and make adjustments if necessary for optimal results. 
  • Acne Peel/Enzyme: We will create a medical-grade facial peel to target acne-causing bacteria underneath the skin and boost collagen production for surface smoothing and remodeling without exacerbating your sensitive skin.

What Makes our
Acne Clinic Special?

No two cases of acne are alike, and at NEOSkin Center, we take the time to fully evaluate the unique skin care needs of each patient, creating a treatment plan that is completely customized for maximum results. This topical regimen uses no antibiotics or medications and is proven to have 90 percent clearance in 90 days.

Why Choose NEOSkin Center
for Your Acne Treatment?

Dr. Tricia Bedrick and Heather specialize in patient-specific skin solutions that target problems at the source and lays a foundation for long-lasting skin beauty and health. During your consultation, our Acne Clinic will be thoroughly explained to you, and your concerns and questions about acne will be answered. The products will also be explained to give you a full understanding of how they work, and they will be available for you to purchase.
Are you ready for 90 percent acne clearance in 90 days? Contact NEOSkin Center today to schedule a consultation with our medical team and get started on your journey to clear, healthy skin with our Acne Clinic.

Pore-clogging ingredients

For acne-prone individuals, many skin care products contain ingredients that have a high likelihood of clogging pores, leading to blackheads, blemishes, and blotches. Even with much diligence, it can be a struggle to know what to look out for when choosing products for taking care of one’s skin.

Ingredients Search

Quickly identify whether the skin care or cosmetic products you regularly use contain pour-clogging ingredients, with NEOSkin Center’s Ingredient Search.