CoolSculpting® Elite is our most advanced Coolsculpting Technology yet and the future of noninvasive fat reduction.

Next-generation non-invasive body sculpting. Much like its predecessor, EMSculpt NEO utilizes the power of High-Intensity

Exilis Ultra 360 combines ultrasound and radio frequency (RF) to address multiple concerns with no downtime.


Treatable Conditions:
Loose Skin/Skin Laxity, Cellulite, Unwanted Fat, Fine Lines & Wrinkles

EMsella® is a breakthrough treatment for incontinence, and a confidence booster too. 


Reduce or eliminate your cellulite dimples with QWO injections in Hudson, Ohio. QWO is the first FDA approved injection for moderate to severe cellulite dimples on the buttocks of women.

EmSculpt utilizes the power of HIFEM (High Intensity Focus Electromagnetic) energy to effectively diminish stubborn fat + enhance muscle definition & mass.


Treatable Conditions:
Unwanted Fat, Low Muscle Mass