CoolSculpting® Elite is our most advanced Coolsculpting Technology yet and the future of noninvasive fat reduction.

Next-generation non-invasive body sculpting. Much like its predecessor, EMSculpt NEO utilizes the power of High-Intensity

Exilis Ultra 360 combines ultrasound and radio frequency (RF) to address multiple concerns with no downtime.


Treatable Conditions:
Loose Skin/Skin Laxity, Cellulite, Unwanted Fat, Fine Lines & Wrinkles

EMsella® is a breakthrough treatment for incontinence, and a confidence booster too. 

EmSculpt utilizes the power of HIFEM (High Intensity Focus Electromagnetic) energy to effectively diminish stubborn fat + enhance muscle definition & mass.


Treatable Conditions:
Unwanted Fat, Low Muscle Mass