Emsculpt Your Way To The Perfect Figure

Emsculpt Your Way To The Perfect Figure
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NEOSKIN Center Medical Spa

Emsculpt Your Way To The Perfect Figure

Emsculpt Your Way To The Perfect Figure

People dream of having the perfect figure, one that they can flaunt in public and make them the talk of the town. Having the perfect figure may give some folks the confidence to wear clothing or swimwear they want without any inhibitions. Emsculpt is the perfect addition to any diet or exercise routine as well as an easy treatment to address stubborn areas of concern. 

Emsculpt offers a great way to shed unwanted fat and sculpt the body. Emsculpt is regarded as a breakthrough body contouring treatment. It is the first non-invasive procedure acting on fat as well as muscle. Emsculpt is the only device using high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy for shaping the body.

HIFEM energy initiates 20,000 supramaximal muscle contractions increasing the release of free fatty acids causing the adipose cells to implode and result in the remodeling of muscles. With Emsculpt, you get to achieve a unique combination of fat reduction, strengthening, toning, and lifting of the abdomens and buttocks.

Studies on emsculpt reveal that it can bring about 15% muscle development in the treated area. Unlike coolsculpting which directly targets the fat, the fat-burn effect of emsculpt is more of a residual effect of what the device is doing to the muscles. The procedure causes 20,000 muscle contractions in just 30 minutes. However, you will need a trained practitioner who has experience in handling the device.

How Emsculpt Works?

Emsculpt works when the metabolic rate of the muscle area is significantly raised alongside muscle hyper contraction, fatty acids on the muscle cells spill out. This causes a 15% fat burn and muscle development.

The procedure is designed for people who exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle and aren’t getting their desired results. Emsculpt uses cutting edge technology for toning the body and in eliminating fat. The procedure got its name from the science behind the treatment. EM because it uses electromagnetic energy SCULPT because it is designed to get the muscles to contract in the area being treated. It is this electromagnetic energy that causes the supramaximal contractions.

The muscle contractions induced by emsculpt is not achievable through voluntary contractions. As a reaction to the supramaximal contraction, the muscle tissue remodels its inner structure resulting in muscle building and fat burning.

Who is it for?

Emsculpt is best for candidates who are already relatively fit. It is for those who are looking for that extra definition in their abdomen and lift in their buttocks which cannot be achieved with their own efforts.

It is recommended for patients who are active but have stubborn areas. In emsculpt, you can see a more toned, leaner area with notably less fat after the treatment. Tangible results can be seen right after the treatment but positive results can be seen in 2 to 4 weeks.

Does emsculpt hurt?

Emsculpt may make the body feel like you worked out maximally with a trainer doing the best you possibly can and as if you were eating well and controlling your fat intake for months. Some people say that emsculpt feels like an intensive workout.

Unlike other fat reduction tools, you don’t have to wait for months to see the results. After just a single visit, you’ll notice the treated area looking better after just a few days, although, like many other body sculpting treatments, multiple sessions are recommended. The great part about emsculpt is that you will get similar results as you would in the gym, only faster. 

How much does the procedure cost?

If you have decided to give the procedure a go, you might be wondering about emsculpt cost. Whether you want to have flatter abs or get a butt lift, the treatment cost depends on the location and duration of treatment. A full consultation will be performed and a price will be given at that time. Since clinical studies reveal that around 85 percent of patients feel satisfied after four sessions, the price will be given per treatment or as a package. 

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