Restylane Lift

What is
Restylane Lyft

Natural fat degrades with time, resulting in droopy skin, more noticeable wrinkles, and volume loss. Restylane Lyft is an injectable gel used to address wrinkles and volume loss in the face and hands. Restylane Lyft is a non-surgical injection that’s also developed to enhance volume to the cheeks, midface region, and back of the hands to help balance your facial and hand’s desired aesthetic. Contact us to find out if Restylane Lyft is adequate for you. 

Restylane Lyft lasts for 8 to 10 months on average. Individual outcomes may differ. Following this time frame, your doctor will offer follow-up treatments to ensure that you retain your desired results.

Following Restylane Lyft treatments, you can resume most of your typical activities, however your doctor may urge you not to exercise for 48 hours.

When you book an appointment at NEOSkin Center in Hudson, OH, your Provider will first offer  more information and do a brief consultation to ensure that you are a good candidate for the Restylane Lyft.
The session itself is very brief, running between fifteen minutes and half an hour, depending on your personal requirements. The filler will be administered into the required regions by the specialist using a fine needle to target wrinkles and other symptoms of aging. After injecting the solution, the professional will shape it to guarantee that it is optimally placed to have the best results possible.

Restylane is suitable for most people who are in good health and are concerned about skin creases, sagginess in the face and hands in general. People with known hypersensitivity to any of the dermal filler's ingredients, as well as pregnant or nursing mothers, should avoid the treatment. Some medications may react with the dermal filler ingredients, so make sure to tell our NEOSkin Center Provider about any medications you are taking before the procedure.

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