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If they’re not removed every once in a while, microscopic hair and dead skin cells can clog pores and alter the appearance of your skin. There are many exfoliating treatments to choose from with different degrees of efficacy. Dermaplaning is one of the simplest and most efficient of the bunch.

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What Dermaplaning
Is About

Unlike other exfoliating treatments that require the use of lasers or chemicals, dermaplaning is a process of mechanical exfoliation. We use a surgical scalpel to scrape the dead skin off your face with short, upward strokes. While it may sound simple, the treatment is only to be performed by a trained professional to ensure both effectiveness and safety.

The exfoliation takes roughly 40 minutes of your time and there’s no recovery to be worried about. Some patients may experience a slight redness of the targeted areas afterward but the inflammation subsides quickly. We recommend the use of sun protection after the treatment since your skin becomes more vulnerable once the pores are opened up.

What Changes
You Can Expect

Right after the treatment, your skin will regain a better tone and texture as pores are able to breathe again. Along with the removal of dead skin, dermaplaning also eliminates all those pesky little hairs from the sideburns area and the peach fuzz that clings to cheeks and other regions. The results last for three to four weeks.

Dermaplaning evens the texture of your skin but also stimulates hyper-pigmentation. Your body will be able to produce more melanin and give your face a smoother, natural color. Mechanical exfoliation also reduces signs of aging, making up for a decrease in the levels of collagen and elastin.

You’ll notice that, once peach fuzz is removed, applying makeup becomes a much more pleasant experience. Powders and foundations will now give your face a much smoother appearance. Since your pores are now unclogged, skin care products will also be much more efficient once applied.

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