What is
Forever Young BBL Photofacial

Correct redness and address discoloration through a simple, non-invasive series of Forever Young BBL™ treatments.

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What is the
Forever Young BBL™ Photofacial?

The Forever Young BBL™ is a non-invasive procedure that uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology to soften the signs of aging, address vascular redness, and improve an individual’s overall complexion with minimal downtime or discomfort. This device is a modality of the Halo™ laser, one of the most advanced and comprehensive aesthetic technologies available today.

How Does It

During a Forever Young BBL™, a collection of different wavelengths of light are aimed at the patient’s desired treatment area. This variety of wavelengths is delivered in a series of pulses; each pulse passes through the uppermost layer of the skin and is absorbed by its inner structures as heat. The Forever Young BBL™ targets the particular structures responsible for excessive redness and cosmetic aging, causing them rupture and leave the body. These wavelengths also trigger the body’s natural processes of renewal and healing, improving the overall texture, color, and appearance of the skin.

What can the Forever Young BBL™ be used to Treat?

A series of Forever Young BBL™ treatments can be used to subtly improve some of the most common signs of aging. This procedure is particularly effective when used to address various forms of redness and discoloration, including:

What can I Expect from

Each Forever Young BBL™ may take anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes to complete; most patients need to undergo between three and five treatments, each spaced three weeks apart, to see significant improvements. While the sensation of the procedure is often likened to the feeling of a warm rubber band snapping against the skin, most patients are able to tolerate the treatment process fairly well. While redness in the targeted area is common after each session, this discoloration usually fades within 24 hours.

Am I a Candidate for the Forever Young BBL™?

Most patients looking for a way to correct discoloration while improving the signs of aging are potential candidates for treatment with the Forever Young BBL™. Before undergoing treatment, a member of our medical staff will take into account your treatment goals, current state of health, and medical history in order to decide if this procedure is right for you. If we find that the Forever Young BBL™ is not best suited for your unique treatment expectations, we can provide you with comprehensive recommendations for more effective options.
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