Things to Say When Asked if You’ve Had BOTOX

Things to Say When Asked if You’ve Had BOTOX
NEOSKIN Center Medical Spa

NEOSKIN Center Medical Spa

Things to Say When Asked if You’ve Had BOTOX

Things to Say When Asked if You’ve Had BOTOX

When you see someone who looks attractive, it’s only natural to wonder how they maintain their good looks. Are they genetically blessed or did they find a plastic surgeon or some other type of cosmetic professional who knows their way around a BOTOX® treatment?

After you’ve ever had BOTOX® injections, you know how it works. Like a magic wand, those pesky crow’s feet disappear, leaving you with a beautiful, crinkle-free smile. Your newfound confidence may be obvious and when others see it, the inevitable question is not far behind: “Did you get BOTOX®?”

This can be an awkward question, especially if you aren’t best buddies with the person asking it. Depending on your preference and personality, you can answer this question honestly, or simply act as if you didn’t hear it.

Your Little Secret

Just because you had BOTOX® injections doesn’t mean it needs to make the front page of the local paper. Perhaps you didn’t like the way your eyes crinkle when you smiled, or maybe you were tired of being asked if you were angry even when you weren’t.

Whatever the reason, you may not want to reveal that you had BOTOX®. But why? The fact of the matter is that it’s a very personal question, and while some people don’t mind answering it, others might feel embarrassed or uncomfortable giving out this kind of information.

If you happen to fall into this category, probably one of the best ways to handle the pressure is to realize that the question is probably a compliment. Instead of being offended, be proud that someone thinks you look so good they want to know your secret! Responding with a simple, “I’ll take that as a compliment,” with a smile should do the trick.

Being Open and Honest

On the other hand, many people are eager to share the name of the talented aesthetic professional with anyone who asks. Maybe they want to recommend their services, or they are so confident with themselves that they have no problem sharing the details. The social stigma of cosmetic treatment is all but nonexistent now, so most people want to know where they can go to look as good as you do!

If this sounds like your personality, you can seize the opportunity to share as much or as little as you want. Responding with, “Yes, I have so much more confidence now,” or, “I’m glad you noticed,” should be sufficient. Most importantly, don’t be offended if someone asks if you have had BOTOX®. More likely than not, your results are so natural that they really don’t know.This is especially the case when you have your treatment performed at NEOSkin Center in Hudson.

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