Want Fuller Lips? Consider Juvederm!

Want Fuller Lips? Consider Juvederm!
NEOSKIN Center Medical Spa

NEOSKIN Center Medical Spa

Want Fuller Lips? Consider Juvederm!

Consider Juvederm For Fuller Lips

Many adults begin to experience thinning lips that show vertical wrinkles. This can really detract from their appearance. Lip filler gels can help correct these problems, but choosing the right one will require an examination of the lips during a consultation. We perform lip augmentation in various ways, but lip fillers such as Juvederm® nearly always produce the most desirable results. Juvederm® is a gel filler containing hyaluronic acid, and this acid acts as a cushioning agent as well as a moisture attractor.

Plumping the Lips

There’s a lot to consider here. The actual appearance of the lips, the shape of the lip boundary, and the amount of dimpling and wrinkling on the lip surface help to determine the proper treatment. If the lips aren’t as full as they were when the individual was younger, moisture retention is necessary. If the boundary of the lips is straight, this is caused by a loss of moist tissue beneath the lip skin. Plumping the lips can be achieved by injecting Juvederm® into the area.

How It Works

Juvederm® is a gel containing hyaluronic acid particles. This acid is actually a type of sugar, and our bodies produce it in small amounts. It works to keep the skin moist. As we age and mature, very little of this acid is present in the cushioning tissues of the lips. Once Juvederm® is injected into the lip area, it immediately begins to draw in and hold water. Visual results are noticeable just minutes after the injection, and the results can last for months or longer, depending on the filler and the situation.

Customized Lip Augmentation

When we consult with the client, we design a customized procedure based on the actual size and shape of the lips. Clients need to have realistic outcome expectations. There are several types of Juvederm® filler gels, each with a specified consistency and thickness.

Lip implants can improve the appearance of the lips, but these are considered a permanent solution. If the results aren’t up to the patient’s expectations, they have to be removed or repositioned. On the other hand, the practitioner has complete control over the amount of Juvederm® to use and where to inject it.

Fuller, More Youthful Lips

You can indeed enjoy the full, shapely lips you had as a teen. Even if you’ve always had naturally thin lips, Juvederm® could work for you. Make an appointment at Neo Skin Center in Hudson to learn more. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for lip enhancement!

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