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True beauty is reaching your full potential in all aspects of your life. Dr. Tricia Bedrick combines botox, juvederm, and voluma injections with medical grade skin care products and chemical peels to help patients look and feel rejuvenated. Subtle facial changes can enhance your appearance and can be the catalyst needed to boost your confidence and mood.

Fine lines and wrinkles between the eyes, on the forehead, and around the eyes can be relaxed with botox injections giving a rested, refreshed look to your face. Juvederm injections treat sagging skin around the mouth and adds plumpness to the lips. Voluma restores volume to in the cheeks and is the foundation of a more youthful appearance. Medical grade skin care improves skin tone and texture and completes your facial rejuvenation. Services offered include top-rated dermal fillers, microneedling and chemical peels, volbella and other skin rejuvenation treatments in Hudson OH.

Looking your best makes you feel your best and encourages you to make healthy lifestyle choices. Contact us to learn how we can change your life today!