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KYBELLA® is the only FDA-approved injectable procedure that removes fat cells beneath the chin to restore your profile. Deoxycholic acid is a substance that occurs naturally in the body and helps in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat. KYBELLA® eliminates fat cells when injected beneath the chin, resulting in a visible reduction in fullness under the chin. Contact us today to see what Restylane Defyne can do for you.

When beginning this treatment, our healthcare professional will examine the area underneath your chin and see whether KYBELLA® is adequate for you. Then, determined by the amount of fat underneath the chin and your personal requirements, our specialist will personalize your process.

Our specialist will advise how many sessions or treatments you will require, you will then receive multiple minimal injections in the treated area. this process takes 15 to 20 minutes depending on your personalized procedure.

  • Fat beneath the chin, also known as submental fullness, begins to bother you, is excessive or affects your confidence and self-steem. 
  • You believe your situation makes you appear older or heavier than you are.
  • You want a change in your chin but don't want to undergo surgery. 
  • You have a healthy lifestyle and properly exercise, or have lost weight recently , yet the submental fullness persists.

Because everyone's chin profile differs, the number of treatments required vary from patient to patient. Based on the volume and distribution of your submental fat,  and your unique treatment objectives, our healthcare professional will help you decide how many sessions you will require. Each KYBELLA® treatment should not have more than six sessions. You will most likely experience swelling, bruising, or numbness beneath your chin following KYBELLA® treatments. These effects should clear in the days following your visit. Contact our healthcare professionals if the effects persist for more than a few days.

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